5 Awesome Pocket-Friendly Smartphones Worth Your Money

Android phones have a come a long way, and today it’s hard to find someone who does not use smartphones, as they have become quite affordable of late. Here is a list of some of the best and cheapest priced smartphones of this year!

The very first thing that one notices while buying any product is the price tag; when looking for inexpensive or low-budget phones, one can’t think of the performance level to beat the rivalry brands, but still you can find devices, offering similar features and functionalities.

The main OS on a budget device are Windows and Android operation systems; each of them allow you to download Google Maps, WhatsApp, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, and all the popular apps.

Nokia Lumia 630

Though it has relatively smaller resolution, the images and texts look sharp and perfect while browsing any site. The low-end phone for $100 from Nokia is an alternative to Moto G. It has 4.5-in clear black display, 5MP rear camera with Nokia lenses and HD video features, 1.2GHz quad-core processor, 7GB cloud storage, exclusive Cortana feature for reminders or personal suggestions. Though it does not feel as expensive or strong as high-end smartphones, it has a great shiny and glossy finish.

Motorola Moto G

Moto is throwing surprise all over; last year, it came with best products and this time, it released devices, such as Moto E and G. With Android KitKat 4.4.4 OS, it’s a treat for all users. The camera quality is definitely better than that of its predecessors. Moto G isn’t the first model that the company has introduced, but this time, it has added many features to make the 2014 edition a powerful and hit model. The 5-in 720p display comes for a very reasonable price. The bigger screen helps you to read emails, and browse website clearly. Comfortable to hold, it’s slimmer than old models. It has 5MP camera that can capture slow motion pictures with ease.

Nokia Lumia 520

Since Microsoft bought Nokia, expecting high-end gadget at a low price tag from Nokia isn’t a big deal. Powered by Windows Phone 8, Nokia Lumia 520 has 1GHz dual core processor, digital lenses, and user-friendly touch-screens. It’s one of the affordable and fun devices that come with free navigation and music. The in-built digital lenses are guaranteed to wow the users. Multiple pictures can be taken in a single shot; with 4-inches screen, it’s so sensitive that one can operate with fingernails or wearing gloves, making surfing, chatting, and typing convenient and easy. It’s a smartphone with 480×800 display, 5MP rear camera, and 512 MB RAM, making it a worthy buy at such a low price tag (and it’s price has been constantly dropping so check various stores for the current pricing)

Huawei Honor 3C

The affordable smartphone use is increasing wide across the world and Honor 3C is the answer from Huawei to all! Some of the specs include 5-in HD LTPS display, 8MP rear camera, 5MP front-facing camera, 2GB RAM, and 2300mAh battery.

Nokia Lumia 625

Nokia has been delivering the best, inexpensive handsets from many years; with Lumia 625, it looks like it’s expanding the boundary reserved for higher-end phones. 1.2GHz Snapdragon S4 processor says it all. Available in white, black, green, red, or yellow, it’s one of the colorful handsets offered by Nokia.

So, there you have 5 awesome smartphones that won’t pinch your pockets.

5 Money-Saving Tips for Buying Smartphones

The craze of smartphones is really high these days – more so among the teenagers. There is no doubt that in this age of internet and e-commerce, smartphones have become a must-have device. Every smartphone company keeps launching its new models and customers get lured by the intense publicity that these companies do. Often people repent after buying smartphone hastily and the main reason behind this remorse is that they find they have bought it expensive when actually if they acted smartly they could have saved some bucks.

Here are five ways to save on your new smartphone purchase:

  1. Wait for Few Months: Don’t be in a hurry to buy as soon as the model is launched. Wait for sales and price cuts to kick in, which only take a few months. Also, try to predict the best possible time to buy as online shopping stores use pricing methods like black box algorithm, which fluctuate the price up to 15%. This fluctuation happens many times a week or month.
  2.    Compare Prices on Different Online Shopping Sites: With technology at your fingertips, you should make full use of it. There are different websites that give you the facility to compare the different products on different sites. Install any price comparing app on your old smartphone and find the deal which is the best in the market. You can also look out for discount codes while shopping online. For instance, if you shopping on sites like Snapdeal, search for Snapdeal promo code for smartphone shopping.
  3.    Be On the Lookout for Discount or Coupons: Different online shopping websites run different discount on products. Keep a tab on these discounts or cash-back offers. There are sites, which keep information regarding all coupons available on a particular product at a particular time. Take help of these sites for finding coupon codes and discounts for the smartphone you desire to buy.
  4.    Buy an Unlocked Phone: Buying an unlocked smartphone outright is cheapest. Unlocked means you can pop out the SIM card and put in a different SIM from another GSM operator and get service. This gives you the freedom to shift providers when another company offers a better deal making the running of phone cheaper for you.
  5.    Capitalise on Social Media Sites: If you are a frequent online buyer then you will be aware of the fact that popular online shopping sites have official pages where you can find many coupon codes and offers. You can also search on exclusive coupon sites like Couponhaat. These sites have a strategy of advertising on the social media sites for their new offers as no one can now deny the potential of the traffic that comes to the social media sites. So, take advantage of it by keeping an eye on these social media sites.

Being vigilant and patient will help you save a significant amount of money through discount offers, coupons and cash-back offers. Never rule out any alternative and unconventional way to save as “Penny saved is penny earned”.